I'm new to codesmith and nettiers, so forgive me if this is not the correct place to post this.

 I have generated my business objects from the NetTiers.cst template.  I have an object named "Animal"

 Animal has a nullable Int32? property called PreviousID. 

When I databind to my winform PreviousID textbox i Use both the parse and format delegates hooked to a binding object.  When i enter 123 into my PreviousID textbox and hit TAB to change control focus the Parse delegate shows that the PreviousID ConvertEventArgs.DesiredType = Nullable.  If i set e.Value = Int32.Parse(e.Value.ToString()) the set statement in my Animal.PreviousID property is never hit and the textbox reverts back to 0, the default null value.

This happens on my form for all the properties which are nullable, datetime? or int32?, on my Animal object.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.