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Generate DLL right from CST-file

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I have CST (template) files for many classes from previous versions of CodeSmith. I need generate DLL files them.

Before version 6.x, there was a way to generate DLL right away. Now, if you give existing files to Generator, you get an empty DLL file.

I found the solution to get DLL from MSVS, but it is extremely time consuming when generating DLLs for dozens templates  (http://docs.codesmithtools.com/display/Generator/Building%2C+Running%2C+and+Compiling+Templates)


With CodeSmith 6.0, is there a way to generate DLL file right from CST template without Visual Studio and get not empty DLL file



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  • Blake Niemyjski:


    Is there anyway you could send support the solution you created that creates an empty assembly. 

    Here you are:



    Before CodeSmith 6.x, Generator resolved references by itself and it I needed is click Generate. Now, it seems tha tname of namespace in BaseRegionedTemplate.dll will be not "BaseRegionedTemplate" but "BaseRegionedTemplate_cst" and BaseDataObjectTemplate will not find the refenced library. 

    If you can generate BaseRegionedTemplate.dll, then there will be the next step: generate BaseDataObjectTemplate, which references BaseRegionedTemplate.dll.

    Can you please help with BaseDataObjectTemplate generating as well? Links to BaseDataObjectTemplate are:







  • Hello,

    You would need to add the BaseRegionedTemplate to a new Visual Studio Project called BaseRegionedTemplate and then add the template and partial class to the solution and follow the steps described here (http://docs.codesmithtools.com/display/Generator/Building%2C+Running%2C+and+Compiling+Templates). Please note that you will also have to add a CodeTemplate Directive Attribute for NameSpace and ClassName to this template. http://docs.codesmithtools.com/display/Generator/The+CodeTemplate+Directive

    From there you will just need to compile after following all the steps above and place the compiled assembly into the same directory as BaseDataObjectTemplate

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