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Strange problem: import of data dll gives 'no public member' error


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Strange problem: import of data dll gives 'no public member' error

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I have used Nettiers for some time now on a number of different projects. I was away from it for a while but earlier this year I had a project come up so grabbed the latest version etc. (including Codesmith Generator) and developed happily. I had no problems with the project.  I mention this to indicate that my dev environment has not changed (VS 2010, VB.Net, SQL Server 2008 Dev) since that project.

Now I have another project and am having issues. 

My DB is all set and I use Nettiers to generate the data access layer. I add the references in VS and the imports and this is where I get the weird error. When I first open the project everything is fine, no green squigglies or red ones. Intellisense works on Datarepository.whatever until I go to build. Then my import of the IMDB.Data (no, not that IMDB) gets a green squiggle with a 'contains no public members or cannot be found error.'

Can anyone think of why this may be happening? I have gone through my settings/app.config/generator params etc. and am stumped. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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