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Additional Parameter in Generated Procedure


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Additional Parameter in Generated Procedure

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While generating code in nettiers i wil get some Generated procedures For eg: gp_TableName_Insert,gp_TableName_update,gp_TableName_Get_List etc....

So that procedure carry some parameter which is in tht particular table....

But i need one extra parameter for all the Generated table in that Generated procedure other than table parameter......



I have

tblStudent with

id,Name,Mark as fields so i wil get

gp_tblStudent _Insert with parameter

@id int output

@Name varchar(50)

@Mark  float

But i need one more extra parameter as

@RecordValues Text

So can i specify this parameter any where before generating so tht after generation of layers, extra parameter wil be added to all generated procedures with the exsisting one

Thanks in Advance,



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