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  • Exceptionless

    New Support for NancyFX – Thanks Luisrudge!

    We’ve had our first substantial pull request! Luisrudge has become the first non-trivial contributor to the Exceptionless real-time error reporting project on GitHub, with his NancyFX integration. If you’re a NancyFX user, you can find the...
  • Exceptionless

    Installing Excteptionless from GitHub

    Since we officially announced that Exceptionless was going open source last week, we wanted to provide everyone with a quick and easy video walkthrough of how to get up and running locally. It’s really quick, as you can see from the below video...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 1.3 Released

    Exceptionless 1.3 brings with it both server and client changes, including open sourcing the project (which we’re super excited about!), some minor updates, and a few bug fixes. Check out the changelog items below, and let us know if you have any...
  • Exceptionless

    Fork Us! Exceptionless Goes Open Source

    It’s a big day at Exceptionless. We are super excited to announce that we are open sourcing the Exceptionless code! That’s right, now you can hack on our real-time error reporting tool yourself. Too many apps are throwing too many errors out...
  • CodeSmith Generator Releases

    CodeSmith Generator 7.0.1

    Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with case sensitive databases in SqlSchemaProvider. Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown when trying to access Extended Properties when using SQL Azure with the SqlSchemaProvider. Fixed a bug where Visual Studio integration could fail due to an assembly binding failure. Many more minor bug fixes. Download Now
  • Exceptionless

    XML Parsing Exception Caught and Fixed – Case Study

    This is yet another story of an elusive bug that, without a proper error reporting service, would have gone un-noticed for a very long time. When third-party software and services interact with your code, in any way, you have to be wary that their data...
  • Exceptionless

    Receive Error Notifications from Your App via Email

    Maybe you’ve got this awesome new web app that you’re ready to go live with, or maybe you’re working on a project that is already customer facing but you’ve got major new features rolling out and want to make sure all goes well...
  • Exceptionless

    Catching a Server-Side Browser Cookie Support Error – Case Study

    As with every new release of software, things change. And, like we all expected, there wasn’t an exception to that rule when Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 10 into the mix. Everyone coding for the web had the normal things to worry about...
  • CodeSmith Announcements

    Control + Click GoTo Definition in CodeSmith Generator 7.0

    We recently released CodeSmith Generator 7.0 , which includes many new features and improvements. One of these features we are really excited to show off is Control + Click GoTo Definition. This feature gives you the ability to quickly navigate to what you are looking for. This feature builds upon the existing Go To Definition feature that we previously added. You can now press the Control key and a blue underline will appear under any identifier (property, variable, method) that you hover over with...
  • PLINQO Releases

    PLINQO for LINQ to SQL 5.2

    Improvements Added support for .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012/2013. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown when trying to add an association that contains a column that was is not a supported db type (E.G., spatial types). Fixed a bug where Visual Studio Solutions wouldn't open automatically. Fixed a bug where a VB Compiler error would occur when generating functions with Xml Serialization enabled. Fixed a issue where VB access modifiers could be incorrectly generated. Fixed...
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