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  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 2.0 Update – SO CLOSE!

    We know, we know… It’s been a while since our last update. As so often is the case, the holidays took their toll on work and waists here at Exceptionless over the past few months. However, we’re not slacking too bad. In fact, we’ve...
  • Exceptionless

    Bulk Actions Sneak Peak in Exceptionless 2.0 – Video

    You know you want it! Bulk edit actions, that is. The ability to select multiple exceptions or occurrences of a single exception and do with them as you please, all at once. Well, they’re coming, and today we’ve got a sneak peak! We’re...
  • Exceptionless

    Filter Your Exceptions in Version 2.0 – Video Demo

    If you’ve used Exceptionless, chances are a search or filter system would have helped you out more than once. We know, and we agree! That’s why we’ve made it a priority with Exceptionless 2.0, which is coming very soon. To expand on...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 2.0 User Interface FIRST LOOK

    We can prove it! Exceptionless 2.0 is real, and we’ve got evidence! We’ve been wanting to give everyone a sneak peak for a long time, and today we are excited to finally be able to. Watch the video above to see a high level overview of the...
  • Exceptionless

    AngularJS and Exceptionless 2.0

    As we plug away at Exceptionless 2.0, perfecting and future-proofing it, we wanted to stop and take the time to talk about AngularJS, how we are using it in version two, and what benefits we’re going to get out of it. Naturally, we want to maintain...
  • Exceptionless

    Services and Other Technologies the Exceptionless Team Uses

    Over the past couple of weeks, we have been writing about the tools and technologies that the Exceptionless Team uses to create, support, and maintain Exceptionless. In part three of the series, we want to take a look at the services used. Most projects...
  • Exceptionless

    Client Side Technology the Exceptionless Team Uses

    Last week we wrote up a whole list of server side technologies that we use to build and maintain Exceptionless. This week, we’re going to look at client side tools and services. We’re all about function around here, but we like to think that...
  • CodeSmith Announcements

    CodeSmith Tools Turns 10 This Month - 30% Off Generator!

    THANK YOU! October 20 th will mark the 10th anniversary of CodeSmith Tools ! It's been a fun, exciting adventure full of amazing users , great new technologies , keyboard-pounding late nights, countless lines of code, and over 4,700,000 downloads (since we started counting) ! We want to thank each and every one of you for the support and feedback over the years by having our biggest sale ever . If you've always wanted to give Generator a try, need to renew, need more licenses, or want to...
  • Exceptionless

    Server Side Technology the Exceptionless Team Uses

    As it turns out, building technology and web applications takes a lot of other technology. We were reflecting the other day and decided it would be cool if we did a blog series that went over all the different “stuff” we use to make and maintain...
  • CodeSmith Generator Releases

    CodeSmith Generator 7.0.2

    New Features Added a new SQLAnywhereSchemaProvider (Contrib Steven Hyde). Added Gang of Four Design Pattern templates (Contrib Martin Hart Turner). Added support for json serialization of schema objects (E.G., TableSchema) for custom property types. The PLINQO-EF templates now have beta support for MySQL and SQL Anywhere and EF6 (there is a flag to turn EF6 generation on in the templates). Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where project file default properties were not applied in some scenarios. Fixed a bug...
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