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Re: 6.0.3 + r2556 looking very promising for CSLA 3.8 + VB.net

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6.0.3 + r2556 looking very promising for CSLA 3.8 + VB.net

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Had a chance to test the templates and I have a number of minor patches for the VB.net side of things, but for and editable object with child collections, it's starting to look really promising. I've been able to revert from multiple template references to using Entity.cst to build the business object relationships. I'm feeling the CSLA love from CodeSmith.

26 files generated for my CSLA business objects in 10seconds (5.6seconds to compile the templates), so it's blazingly fast. Simple "Client" object.

Couple of minor  VB.net bugs in the upgraded code, which I've supplied patches that should resolve the issues.  Linq in C# is slightly different to the VB editions (DOH!) and I've done my best to translate, but I'll admit Linq isn't one of my strengths.

Can't wait to get into using the View/Stored procedure side of these templates!

Here are some of the issues that I've submitted patches to resolve compile errors and warnings.

629 ---- New 1 ---- ---- ----   CSLA vb.net r2497 Selecting a Command (Stored Procedure) Fails  
631 ---- New 1 ---- ---- ----   CSLA r2556 VB.net ExistCommand.cst Async code will not compile with Option Strict(Patch included)  
632 ---- New 1 ---- ---- ----   CSLA r2556 VB.net ListExtensions.cst Async code will not compile (Patch included)  
633 ---- New 1 ---- ---- ----   CSLA r2556 VB.net ChildPartialMethods.cst causes compiler warning (Patch included).

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