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How to make CodeSmith working with NHibernate + PostGIS

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How to make CodeSmith working with NHibernate + PostGIS

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Hi my friends,


I have just configured CodeSmith working ok with PostgreSQL database on NHibernate Frameworks. And I know that NHibernate.Spatial make NHibernate support PostGIS database in PostgreSQL.

Now I want to make CodeSmith working with PostGIS database. How can I do this?


Thanks for your attention,

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  • Hello,

    I believe this is something the provider supports out of the box.. I know that there is no specific template and provider logic to return these custom mapped types, but the columns native type would be correct and you could generate off of the native type.

    If you select a table column in the Database Explorer and look at it's Extended Properties (right click -> extended properties) or look in the properties window. You can see that the native type is the PostGIS type. The DbType property would be set to DbType.Object and their is an ExtendedProperty called "NpgsqlDbType" which would contain the Postgres DbType object mapping. I believe both the DbType properties would be incorrect (Mapped to DbType.Object).

    The PostgresSchemaProvider's code can be updated to support this. We release the source code to all of our database providers. Please check your My Documents folder for (Documents\CodeSmith Generator\Samples\v5.3\Projects\CSharp\PostgreSQLSchemaProvider).

    Please let us know if you have any questions.


    -Blake Niemyjski

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