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  • Forum Post: RuleManager.AddShared

    hello, This Mail Regarding the query regarding the Rules in Codesmith, I have table table Named (Customer) Having Colum (CustomerId,CustomerName,Address...) my Questions are .., 1) I want to Make CustomRule for every Field,(Suppose CustomeId >1).. and Field Compare with Other Field like(CustomerID...
  • Forum Post: PLINQO BrokenRules Message

    Is there a simple way to remove (or override the output of) the State { } information of the current object from the body of the message of broken rules? I would like to encapsulate what the users see and just give them a user friendly message without having to see the structure of the underlying class...
  • Forum Post: PLINQO Rules on not null foreign keys

    I wonder if anyone could share their opinion on the best way to implement rules on entity properties that are foreign keys? Allow me to illustrate what i'm doing/finding, comments appreciated; For my parent table, PLINQO generates the following specific to a foreign key relationship; public int ChildId...
  • Forum Post: Re: Using RuleManager to generate warnings

    I was thinking about specializing success of an rule with its priority: less than a fixed value is a warning, above is a broken rule. Mathod public bool Run(TrackedObject trackedObject) in RuleManager.cs: public bool Run(TrackedObject trackedObject) { bool isSuccess = true; List rules = GetRules(trackedObject...
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