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Re: Future direction of Plinqo

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Future direction of Plinqo

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Hi guys

I love plinqo but it's really hard to figure out what new features your adding and what's the future direction of plinqo. The google code stuff is just a mess of confusion. All I know is what has been suggested or reported as bugs and what you guys have accepted. I cant tell from the nightly builds what features they contain or if any of the suggestions made and accepted have been included in any of the nightly builds.

Is Plinqo worth investing in or has development on it slowed to a halt. What features or changes have been made in each nightly build. What are your future plans for plinqo and eta on them. Love to get answers to these questions.

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  • Hello,

    We are constantly working on updating and improving PLINQO. Currently we are working on adding support for .NET 4.0 (VS2010, RIA, Dynamic Data 2.0, etc...) and bug fixes. We drive our features and bug fixes by user feedback as well as adding support for the latest technology. We think of PLINQO and CodeSmith as a great time saver and tool. We think of it as a productivity tool that everyone can use, not just a tool that we use and drive the feature list by our requirements.

    You can view the svn logs here. We are committed to improving PLINQO and adding solid features long into the distant future. With that said... we use PLINQO in many of our own internal applications as well as CodeSmith Insight.

    We will be adding a page to the PLINQO site in the near future, that will show:

    • what we are currently working on,
    • past changes,
    • what we are thinking about possibly adding to the next iteration (This is always subject to change and is really determined by the industry and user feedback, backlog etc...).

    Please let us know what you think about CodeSmith, PLINQO or anything CodeSmith related by the forums or support as we take all feedback very seriously to improve our processes and end user experiences.


    -Blake Niemyjski


    Blake Niemyjski
    CodeSmith Tools, LLC. Software Development Engineer
    Blog: http://windowscoding.com/blogs/blake/
    .NetTiers team | Visit http://www.nettiers.net

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