New Features Bugs Exceptions Performance Problems Usability Problems

New Features

  • CSLA- Updated to version 2.0.
  • PLINQO - Updated to version 4.0.1.
  • nHibernate- Updated to version 1.1.6.


  • Fixed an issue with DeepLoad that would cause only a partial schema result set to be returned.
  • Fixed COM related bugs in the ADOXSchemaProvider which would occur when using it with an Access database.
  • Updated the MySQLSchemaProvider's Namespaces.
  • Updated the OracleSchemaProvider GetDbType detection to better handle Number DataTypes.
  • Fixed an Assembly Reference that caused an issue between TypeMock and CodeSmith.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause CodeSmith Studio not to load due to missing templates.


  • Fixed a bug where an overflow exception in the MySQLSchemaProvider would occur on the call to GetViewColumns.

Performance Problems

  • Fixed a caching issue that caused CodeSmith to slow down over time and caused CodeSmith to freeze while saving a template.  
  • Updated the zip compression levels and updated the zip component for increased performance.

Usability Problems

  • Fixed a bug in the Options Manager where if you were using Visual Studio none of the options would be loaded.
  • Fixed Help documentation logic so when you are running in Visual Studio you can launch the help documentation.
  • When upgrading CodeSmith, only add folders to the Template Explorer that exist.
  • Updated the installer to support adding samples to an existing install.
  • Updated the Template Explorer to properly detect folders that have been deleted or missing during runtime.

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