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Angel Solutions Ltd & WilsonORMapper Templates

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Angel Solutions Ltd & WilsonORMapper Templates

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  • How do the Angel Solutions templates and the WilsonORMapper templates compare? Are these "competing" products? Which one is used for what?
  • How do the Angel Solutions templates and the WilsonORMapper templates compare? Are these "competing" products? Which one is used for what?

    The templates that Paul Welter provides for Paul Wilson's Object-Relational Mapper basically provide support for that tool - the WilsonORMapper (aka WORM) is a component you pay for (ridiculously cheap at $50.00) that does O/R mapping - by generating a mapping file and some classes that it can use. So, the two things are coupled in that way; using the templates without WORM will do you no good.

    From what I can tell just by looking at the forum thread where the Angel Solutions templates are discussed, they provide you with everything you need to generated quite a few layers in an n-tier application. So, if you don't own or want to own WORM, you can take Paul Welter's templates off of your list of options and then look at whether or not the framework generated by these Angel Solutions templates is what you are after.

    Hope that helps.


    j a s o n   b u n t i n g
  • Jason,

    Thanks for your reply. I think I did not ask the right question. Actually, I already own Paul's OR Mapper. From my initial research and my experience with playing with it for a bit it seems this is exactly what I want. In other words, I wanted to have some tool that significantly simplifies the basic DB task but without taking over too much or bind me too much to a specific tool. I also wanted to be as compatible to ObjectSpaces as possible, which with so many delays and likely significant changes becomes more and more a moot point.

    In contrast to Paul's OR Mapper I have no experience with the Angel Solutions templates. Also from the discussions I am not sure where to place this tool. Could the Angel Solutions templates be combined with the code from Paul's OR Mapper or are they competing at the lower level? What about the upper level? What does it really provide? Easy control for the developer/support person to manipulate the database? Or does it intend to provide the data and presentation layer (for a 3-tier apps)? In the later case does it generate only the initial code, i.e. regeneration is not possible without overwriting my code (which does not seem to be the case)? Any input on all this is appreciated from anybody who can give a short rundown about this tool.


  • Hi robbymeier,

    I haven't used Paul's OR Mapper although I often hear good reports about that template set, I've used the Angel set extensively now on many of our ASP.NET - SQL Server products and it has served us well.

    Check out this thread for the blurb


    It basically creates a data access layer for you.

    You should be able to regenerate and keep your existing code for simple code changes, the templates take advantage of merging and inheritance I guess the best way for you to get started is to try them out.

    Kind Regards


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