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  • Hi all,
    J'm a beguiner just starting dealing with CodeSmith and the 3-tiers template.
    I've read all the forum but did'nt found a training tool to start with 3-tiers template. I've generate all the code, make all references and that's seem good. I have a main project, a BusinessEntities projet - I have rename the businesslogic - and a DataAccessLayer projet. Well. What's the next step ? How to deal with all this ?
    I've put a WinForm to my main projet, add to it a datagrid and these two lignes in the beguining :

    private System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid dataGrid222q;

    public PREV222QCollection risques = null;

    risques = new PREV222QCollection();

    ///How do I now call the GetAll() methode to fill my collection ?

    dataGrid222q.datasource = risques;  //this does not work !

    Can somebody help me please ? rolleyes


  • PREV222QCollection risques = PREV222QRepository.Current.GetAll();

  • Thank you.
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