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    Top 5 Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now!
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    CodeSmith templates are simply text files which you can create in any text editor. Their only requirement is that they be saved with the .cst file extension. The sample template that I'm going to build will accept a string and then build a class based on that string.
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    I get asked a lot what tools I use, and have planned to write a post. As my buddy Harry got there first , I have also taken the title of "non essential" as he did for the same reason - Scott Hanselman keeps *THE* ultimate list of tools , hence my titling this list as "inessential"...
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    Unit Testing http://nunit.org/ http://www.testdriven.net/ Microsoft Application Blocks http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa480453.aspx Framework CSLA .Ne ...
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    By Tony Patton, Special to ZDNet Asia A client recently moved its user community to a standard desktop configuration with enhanced security to reduce the installation of non-standard applications. The development staff was agitated when confronted with the details of the migration since the organization...
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    Greetings, all...So, I've been working like a mad man the last month or so ... we hadn't used netTiers and CodeSmith , we'd have been kaput, methinks in hindsight 20/20. ZedGraph ... for it from the CodeSmith site soon, and my little creation I'm making should fly. Also been reading Dreaming...
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