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    Creating CRUD operations using the SqlNetFramework and <b>CodeSmith</b>

    This article shows you how to generate SQL code for CRUD operations using the SqlNetFramework and CodeSmith .
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    Debugging <b>CodeSmith</b> Templates on Vista

    I have been using CodeSmith for a while and have notice a some what annoying problem when trying to Deb them on my laptop running Windows Vista. When I set the Debug break in the template and run it, a Dialogue appears saying a that a ...
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    Unit Testing .<b>NetTiers</b> Processors with Dependency Injection

    NetTiers , Processors are used to add custom business logic into the processing of your data. For example, perhaps you want to make sure that a country only exists ONCE in your system, you could add this functionality here. ...
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    Automatically insert SortOrder value in SQL

    I've been using CodeSmith and .netTiers to develop all that "boring business/data access code" for an application at work. One of our requirements was to have a list of things with a user-specified sort order. ...
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    Review: <b>CodeSmith</b> 4.0

    It comes with two different GUIs: CodeSmith Explorer, which provides a simple way to launch templates and generate code, and CodeSmith Studio, which is a full-blown IDE for template development, featuring IntelliSense-like statement ...
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    Cool Tools For DotNet Data Access Layer [Highly Recommended]

    Code Smith now has built in templates to generate CLSA Business objects and I've always recommended this Duo ( CodeSmith + CSLA) to Anyone who wanted to build an Enterprise Level Data Access Layer with SQL Server. ...
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