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    Build a Data Access Layer in less than 15 minutes

    In less than 15 minutes you can have a complete Data Access Layer (DAL) using Microsoft’s Enterprise Library....
  • Tom Dupont

    MVC 2 Client Side Model Validation with ExtJS

    One of the most exciting new features in MVC 2 is "Enhanced Model Validation support across both server and client". The new enhanced support allows for client side validation to be dynamically generated into a view quickly and easily using DataAnnotations attributes on models. This means that by simply dressing up your model properties with attributes, your web pages can instantly have dynamic client side validation; all generated and maintained for you by the MVC framework! MVC 2 enhanced...
  • Tom Dupont

    Error Handling and CustomErrors and MVC3, oh my!

    So, what else is new in MVC 3? MVC 3 now has a GlobalFilterCollection that is automatically populated with a HandleErrorAttribute. This default FilterAttribute brings with it a new way of handling errors in your web applications. In short, you can now handle errors inside of the MVC pipeline. What does that mean? This gives you direct programmatic control over handling your 500 errors in the same way that ASP.NET and CustomErrors give you configurable control of handling your HTTP error codes. How...
  • Video Tutorials

    Build a Data Access Layer in less than 15 minutes (Video)


    This video shows you how to create a Data Access Layer using CodeSmith and the .NetTiers templates in 15 minutes or less.

  • .netTiers Team Blog

    TList<Entity> (Tips and Tricks)

    TList<Entity> (Tips and Tricks) Utilizing many new features from the .Net 2 framework (Generics, Delegate and Anonymous Methods) we were able to greatly improve some core functionalities of the templates including Searching, Filtering and Sorting. 1. Find Methods Old Implementation When using the Find method in .netTeirs 1, the entity search was done with this kind of method call: Method Signature: Find (EntityColumn column, object searchCriteria); Example A: ProductCollection productCollection...
  • Jeff Gonzalez

    Tips & Tricks: CodeSmith Maps

    CodeSmith Maps allow developers to reduce the amount of plumbing code in their templates and increase the readability and re usability at the same time. Maps provide a named dictionary like semantic to template development. While developing templates, a common scenario developers face is accessing a lookup list based on some sort of information. A common example is a mapping between CLR data types and SQL Server data types. Before CodeSmith maps, this functionality would have been accomplished by...
  • Tutorials

    Building a template to generate stored procedures


    This tutorial will show you how to build a template to generate stored procedures based on a database table.

  • .netTiers Team Blog

    Creating strongly typed repeater

    When you develop ASP.Net application, you quickly discover that the basic ASP:Repeater is a killer control, although it looks quite dumb at first look, compared to DataList or the powerfull GridView, but actually its simplicity, and it's lightness offer the flexibility required to do all those funcky stuff you only find in enterprise developpement ... Ok, in this perfect world there is yet a dark side: the repeater is a late binding control and use a lot of reflection, which make things a lot...
  • Video Tutorials

    PLINQO Part 1 - The Quick Start

    PLINQO, which stands for Professional LINQ to Objects, is a collection of CodeSmith templates that are meant to replace and extend the LINQ to SQL designers that are included with Visual Studio 2008. Get PLINQO going in under 60 seconds with our new quick start. We will show you how easy it is to take advantage of PLINQO and be ready to use it today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc5epgc0S5k If you would like to download the video, please select the file attachment link for this post.
  • Blake Niemyjski

    How-to: Creating your first CodeSmith Generator template

    Introduction CodeSmith Generator is a template based code generator for any ASCII language. It uses a syntax very similar to ASP.NET. This tutorial describes the process of building a template to generate SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE stored procedures. Getting Started All templates must include a CodeTemplate directive like this one. <%@ CodeTemplate Language="C#" TargetLanguage="T-SQL" Description="Generates SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE stored procedures." %> Here...
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