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  • Tom Dupont

    CodeSmith 2011 User Group Tour Update!

    The Arkansas leg of the tour went really well. Hey, rest of the US: Arkansas has an amazing .NET community! I don't know what's better, their top notch developers or their gorgeous scenic byways? Either way, I am officially a huge fan of Arkansas...
  • External

    NetTiers/CodeSmith - Code

    Below are some example queries I've thrown together from auto-generated NetTiers objects (eg, ExamUsers/ExamFaculty). You can learn more about the services layer of NetTiers at http://nettiers.com/ComponentLayer.ashx#_Service_API_Example:_3 protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { //get all grid.DataSource = getAll(); grid.DataBind(); } /// /// gets all exam requests and returns a tlist (works with Types that implement IEntity) /// for every table in your database, an entity will be generated...
  • External

    Implementing Simple Cache for CodeSmith and NetTiers (ASP.NET 2.0) | PeterKellner.net

    In this article, I will show a simple way to implement Cache for a GetData type call in the SqlClient layer of the generated code. I won’t go through all the details of getting to this point but will show the code and briefly explain how it works. I’m new to CodeSmith so I’m sure there is a better way to solve this problem, but for now, this is one technique that works. Just to give a lay of the land, my project is called peterkellnerblog and it has several subprojects that each create their own dll’s. They...
  • Tom Dupont

    Two Important Questions about PLINQO EF

    The .NET community is the best development community ever. How do I know that? Because they ask the best questions! Here are two really important questions that we have been asked concerning PLINQO for Entity Framework that I wanted to call some extra...
  • External

    Boost Your Coding Productivity

    Using templates is a great way to improve your productivity in coding APS.NET and .NET applications. Michael K. Campbell talks about tools for making coding more productive by using templates.
  • Tom Dupont

    Winter Retrospective

    It has been spring now for a few weeks, and while the weather in my home state of Texas still seems to be confused about this, I am just happy to finally have the sun set after the work day ends! With the changing of the seasons also comes (for us) the...
  • External

    How to Start a Small Business

    How to Choose the Right Legal Structure S Corp, C Corp, or LLC? Whether you are starting a business or you already run one but are having second thoughts about its legal structure , you need to take this matter seriously. Writing a Business Plan, Section by Section Are you starting a business? Advice for small businesses on what it takes to create a solid business plan, including forming an outline, forecasting credible financial information, and establishing a marketing strategy. How to Pitch Angel Investors...
  • Eric J. Smith

    CodeSmith Generator 6.0–Status and IntelliSense

    Work on Generator 6.0 is progressing pretty nicely. We are code complete on our new parser, new compiler, new caching mechanism, out of process template execution, and WPF based property grid. There is a lot to talk about there, but I have also started...
  • Tom Dupont

    OAuth 2.0 for MVC, Two Legged Implementation

    OAuth 1.0 was one complicated beast. The OAuth 2.0 spec greatly simplified things, but that also had the wonderful side effect of rending all of our old OAuth 1.0 code obsolete. They say that "the only thing a pioneer gets is an arrow in the back...
  • Tom Dupont

    CodeSmith 2011 User Group Tour

    The CodeSmith Tools are hitting the road (and even the skies) to talk about .NET technology all around the US! Want us to speak at your local user group? Just drop me a line! We will post again each month with updates and additional details , so stay...
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