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  • Exceptionless

    .NET Exception Reporting and Why You Need It

    We have all worked on projects, large and small, where tiny, one-off bugs went unnoticed for a while before they were finally reported by a user or discovered by a developer. In some instances, these bugs probably affected the end-user’s ability...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 1.2.0 Released

    Server Features Added ability to copy extended data to the clipboard. Added ability to copy stack traces to the clipboard. This is very useful when you have an obfuscated stack trace and wish to decode it. Added ability to purchase yearly billing plans...
  • Exceptionless

    Find Customer Facing Bugs with Exceptionless – Case Study

    The Power of .NET Error Reporting One of our long time customers, ApexCCTV, recently described how Exceptionless’ .NET error reporting allowed them to find and squash a bug that was causing their website to be completely unusable by some customers...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 1.1.0 Released

    Features Added ability to visually select a custom date range, giving you the ability to investigate spikes. Added ability to add reference links to error stacks. Added web hook and Zapier support. Added daily summary notification. Added ability to filter...
  • Exceptionless

    Introducing Exceptionless

    Exceptionless is a new error reporting service that helps you answer important questions about the software that you build. Do you know when and how your app is failing? Are my users running into issues and walking away? What are the top issues that I...
  • External

    Nested Sets CodeSmith Templates project

    A set of Codesmith tempalates to create the data base structure, stored procedures and Data Access Layer for the implementation Celko's Nested Set structure to map trees in SQL
  • External

    Defining custom regions in TypeScript files and preserving their content during CodeSmith template based code generation

    I am looking to do some TypeScript code generation with CodeSmith and I’d like to use PreserveMerge merging strategy (preserve merge preserves your custom code within generated code between regenerations). CodeSmith’s merging mechanism is powerful and flexible (besides preserve it supports insert merge strategy as well. But if you feel constrained then feel free to create your own merging strategy ). Out of the box it supports C#, VB.NET, XML and T-SQL start region and end region notation. This is a problem...
  • External

    Making JSON data strong typed with TypeScript and CodeSmith

    The situation Imagine a scenario where you have a JSON service that returns data and you'd like to have it strongly typed on javascript powered client side. Let's say there is an ASP.NET MVC application that goes by the name MvcApplication33 (yes, the 33rd in a row of test applications) . There are two models in there in two files under Models folder: namespace MvcApplication33.Models { public class Customer { public string Name { get; set; } public string Surname { get; set; } public int Age { get;...
  • Blake Niemyjski

    How-to: Generating CSLA Business Objects from Views and Stored Procedures

    We have been working on a major update to the Generator CSLA Templates to support Views and Stored Procedures as well as CSLA 4.3. The following document will show you how you can take advantage of generating against stored procedures and views by updating your existing templates. Please note that the latest CSLA templates require Generator 6.0.3! Updating the Entities template output The quickest way to add support for generating against a view or stored procedure is to update the entities template...
  • Blake Niemyjski

    CodeSmith Generator 6.0-Intellisense Improvements

    We recently released CodeSmith Generator 6.0.2 , which featured many usability and performance improvements to the Property Window and Editor Intellisense . We focused on bug reports as well as usability issues that we came across in the Template Editor since the Generator 6.0 release. As stated in a previous blog post it was pretty difficult for us to improve the Template Editor Intellisense in previous versions of Generator. As such, we took great steps to ensure that updates in the current version...
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