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    Extending Nettiers Part 2 – Adding an OnItemCommand | Head.SmackOnTable();

    A few days ago, I decided to try to extend the Repeater Control, by adding an OnItemCommand, like the System.Web.UI.WebControl. Simple I thought. Shouldnt be that hard I thought. I couldnt have been more wrong. I have learned alot with the whole experience. I have learned about event bubbling, the way that events get passed up the control tree till they are handled by their parents. Iv learned about the way that items that are nested will need to be databound for the event to be fired, even if the data is being...
  • External

    Codesmith | Selfelected

    If you use Codesmith / Nettiers (recommended) you might have stumbled upon: You set up the Nettiers project in Codesmith and mark all tables. When you generate the code one or more entities are missing. There is no error message. Besides the entity/entities not showing up you see it in the SourceTables property of nettiers. When you started the template all were marked. When the template was finished one/more table/s were not marked any more. Reason: the tables are missing a primary key. I have spent hours on...
  • Tom Dupont

    How JSONP Works

    So recently I was having a conversation with someone about my JSONP update for the ExtJS library. We were talking about how I added error handling to their default implementation, and exactly what trick I had used to do that. However, we should probably...
  • Eric J. Smith

    CodeSmith Generator 6.0 – Editor in Action

    I thought the best way to show our progress so far would be to show you a quick video of the new editor in action. So without further adieu, here is the new CodeSmith Generator 6.0 editor: In general, I think our editing experience is already about 10...
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    Silverlight MVVM Code Smith Templates « Oscar Agreda's Blog

    We created a set of CodeSmith Templates based on this MVVM implementation Microsoft hired a group of top Silverlight Business experts to create the MVVM PDC presentation for the creation of truly Silverlight Business Application using the MvvM pattern, unfortunately the sample application from the presentation is not very useful and extremely small, besides there are many topics that were not covered, John Papa would have needed 40 hours to truly explain the whole Kung Fu MVVM Implementation. That is why we...
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    CodeSmith generated Audit Log Triggers - CodeProject

    Introduction I don't think its necessary for me to sing the praises of CodeSmith . Go to the link and try it out if you haven't. Background I needed to keep an Audit Log of changes made to SQL Server tables, but I'd already written the application so I needed a quick and easy solution that didn't require a whole new set of Unit and System testing of my application. I knew CodeSmith had some templates that generated SQL scripts and allowed developers to create there own scripts without having...
  • Tom Dupont

    Another CodeSmith DNUG Tour Update!

    On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again! The life I love is making code with my friends, and I can't wait to get on the road again! Dates New York July 6th - Fairfield DNUG - Code Generation July 7th - Long Island DNUG -...
  • Blake Niemyjski

    Announcing The CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Visual Studio Template Editor

    We are very excited to announce that CodeSmith Generator 6.0 will feature a built-in Visual Studio CodeSmith Generator Template Editor on top of our existing Visual Studio Integration . The team has been hard at work integrating a new Template Editor...
  • Eric J. Smith

    CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Alpha

    We have been making great progress on CodeSmith Generator 6.0 and would love to get some feedback on our new template engine, template runner UI and new property grid (more on this soon). As I mentioned in a previous post , we have completely re-written...
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    For AuditLog saved to PLinqO increase database

    For AuditLog saved to the database PLinqO increase, this is a very simple can achieve 1. Built a log tables CREATE TABLE [dbo].[AuditLog]( [ID] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [AuditLog] [xml] NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_AuditLog] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [ID] ASC ) 2. In the xxxDataContext. Cs documents generated with a method partial void AfterSubmitChanges() { this.ExecuteCommand("Insert into AuditLog values(‘" + this.LastAudit.ToXml() + "’)"); }
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