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    Chris Love's Official ASP.NET Blog : I Love Code Generation – Why <b>...</b>

    This is real code generated from a Code Smith template, which is in the screen shot above. I did not have to write one single character in this method by hand. Public Function Getinforeqs(ByVal vActive As Boolean) As List(Of ...
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    A Gentle Introduction to .NET Code Generation

    Products like Tier Builder, Code Smith , My Generation etc are based on the template approach. This is similar to XSLT. You pass metadata about the code that you want to generate through your templates and the various engines will ...
  • Blake Niemyjski

    Tips & Tricks: Debugging CodeSmith on Microsoft Windows 7

    For the most up-to-date version of this article please see the following documentation . We have updated the Tips & Tricks: Debugging CodeSmith with the changes needed to debug on Windows7. Here is the quick overview of what you need to-do to enable...
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    SharePoint productivity templates for CodeSmith

    For quite some time I have been busy with trying to increase my productivity while working on SharePoint solutions. In the last two years I helped design a couple of tools and developed a few of them myself: all that to simplify the most common tasks...
  • Reggie's Rants

    Just over a year of PLINQO

    About a year and a week ago I started work for CodeSmith Tools. Before I get into this, I'm a Mac person, so I never saw myself ending up in a .Net shop. Before I was getting ready for my interview I hadn't even looked at the language, only heard...
  • Tom Dupont

    PLINQO Cache

    Yo dawg! I heard you like cache, so we put a caching mechanism in yo server side cache, so you can cache while you cache! ...but seriously, PLINQO now includes a built in caching mechanism! All IQueryable result sets can now be dynamically cached/retrieved...
  • Eric J. Smith

    PLINQO at the Dallas .NET Users Group

    This Thursday July 9th, Shannon Davidson and Tom DuPont will be talking about PLINQO at the Dallas .NET Users Group at Microsoft's Las Colinas Office in Irving, Texas. If you are in the area, we would love for you to stop by and see what PLINQO is...
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    Unit Testing .<b>NetTiers</b> Processors with Dependency Injection

    NetTiers , Processors are used to add custom business logic into the processing of your data. For example, perhaps you want to make sure that a country only exists ONCE in your system, you could add this functionality here. ...
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    Review: <b>CodeSmith</b> 4.0

    It comes with two different GUIs: CodeSmith Explorer, which provides a simple way to launch templates and generate code, and CodeSmith Studio, which is a full-blown IDE for template development, featuring IntelliSense-like statement ...
  • Tom Dupont

    PLINQO @ North Houston DNUG

    The CodeSmith Tools (Shannon and Tom) are taking their PLINQO presentation on the road! First stop: North Houston If you or any developers that you know will be in the Houston area on October 15th, you should come see us and learn more about PLINQO, the...
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