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    Use SchemaExplorer.CommandSchema for stored procedure oriented development - Windows Live

    In many companies, using stored procedures to access data is a mandate. DBAs don't want to give users free access to their underlying tables. It's just too risky. Imagine a seemingly innocuous update command without "where" clause! But the trend seems to buck against corporate mandate, looking at Linq to SQL, Entity Framework, NHibernate, etc, they are all awkward when you have to work with Stored procedure mandated development environment. One technology that stands out prominently is Microsoft's...
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    Code Smart Not Hard - CSLA.NET and Codesmith Presentation

    A little over a year ago I presented at the Omaha.NET User Group meeting about using CSLA.NET and Codesmith. My team and I have been using these two products together in a project for over a year now. I absolutely believe these two products have contributed to the success of the projects. CSLA.NET gives us Unlimited Undo Binding to UI Controls Base Collection and Editable Objects with CRUD Broken rules notification to client via IDataErrorInfo Remoting / Direct Data Access with only config change much more!...
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    Codesmith rocks! - Eric Wise - CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to Code Better!

    If you haven't already purchased a copy of codesmith , please do so, I'll wait... This is by far the best bang for my buck I've ever gotten out of a non microsoft tool. Case in point: I've been making tweaks to the database schema for Easy Assets .NET adding fields to various tables and changing some data types. In the old days I'd have to go through all my basic stored procedures and tweak them as well. Not so! Thanks to CodeSmith and the tweaks I made to the AllStoredProcedures.cst and...
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    Dynamic code generation using Plinqo

    Plinqo is a dynamically generated ORM that is incredibly sleek and includes everything that you would want in an ORM - an then some. Its a free template that will generate an ORM with one click by using Codesmith. Check it out at http://plinqo.com or click on a feature below for more information. Take the PLINQO tour and see what has gotten everyone so excited. Select one of the features below, jump in and let’s get started. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. The Quick Start Template Properties Entity...
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    NHibernate Multiple Databases Support with CodeSmith

    I am a lazy developer, so I am always looking for tools that help me to automate my code generation. Needless to say, Data Access Layer (DAL) easily the most tedious code to write, regardless of whether( or especially when) you have ORM to help you. Currently I am using CodeSmith to help me in my NHibernate DAL generation. NHibernate is a popular ORM for .Net, and it's open source. CodeSmith is a known name in code generation. So I guess going by these two tools would solve all my needs... apparently no...
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    Things to CodeGenerate besides the Data Access Layer

    CodeSmith is a powerful code generator (worth its weight in gold). And while one of the most popular things to automatically generate is the data access layer, there's a lot more to CodeSmith than just wrapping databases: System data - Given an xml...
  • .netTiers Team Blog

    Stay Tuned...

    We intend to start using the blog share ideas, tips, and news with the community. Your feedback is very important to help understand how you are using .netTiers and which features are important or missing. Please stay tuned... :) -Rhett
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    How to integrate Generated code into your application [timstall <b>...</b>

    InsertRegion - Insert your generated code into a marked region of a custom file; PreserveRegion - Insert your custom code into a code-generated file. You could also integrate CodeSmith into your builds and processes by calling the ...
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    NetTiers Enum PSA: Adding via T-SQL the Uniqueness Constraint

    One of the convenience features of the NetTiers Data Layer generator is the ability to generate enums from Lookup tables. However, to successfully generate an enum from a Lookup table, you must have a primary key column and your varchar ...
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    LINQ to SQL: The Data Access Layer (DAL) Shrinker

    In the pre-LINQ days, I used to use the classical 3-tiers architecture for designing ASP.NET web projects, the user interface (UI), the business logic layer (BLL) and the data access layer (DAL). My DAL layer used to rely on Microsoft's Data Access...
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