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    Codesmith rocks! - Eric Wise - CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to Code Better!

    If you haven't already purchased a copy of codesmith , please do so, I'll wait... This is by far the best bang for my buck I've ever gotten out of a non microsoft tool. Case in point: I've been making tweaks to the database schema for Easy Assets .NET adding fields to various tables and changing some data types. In the old days I'd have to go through all my basic stored procedures and tweak them as well. Not so! Thanks to CodeSmith and the tweaks I made to the AllStoredProcedures.cst and...
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    Dynamic code generation using Plinqo

    Plinqo is a dynamically generated ORM that is incredibly sleek and includes everything that you would want in an ORM - an then some. Its a free template that will generate an ORM with one click by using Codesmith. Check it out at http://plinqo.com or click on a feature below for more information. Take the PLINQO tour and see what has gotten everyone so excited. Select one of the features below, jump in and let’s get started. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think. The Quick Start Template Properties Entity...
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    NHibernate Multiple Databases Support with CodeSmith

    I am a lazy developer, so I am always looking for tools that help me to automate my code generation. Needless to say, Data Access Layer (DAL) easily the most tedious code to write, regardless of whether( or especially when) you have ORM to help you. Currently I am using CodeSmith to help me in my NHibernate DAL generation. NHibernate is a popular ORM for .Net, and it's open source. CodeSmith is a known name in code generation. So I guess going by these two tools would solve all my needs... apparently no...
  • Blake Niemyjski

    CodeSmith CSLA templates - Part 2: The quick start

    In Part 1: The introduction was an overview of the CodeSmith CSLA templates we are developing at CodeSmith . In this post, I am going to go over how to use the CSLA quick start and the new improvements resulting from customer feedback (Keep the feedback...
  • Tom Dupont

    How PLINQO Improves Performance

    Performance Q&A One of the first questions people always ask about PLINQO is "do we have any performance statistics?" Well, to quote a wiser man than myself: "People can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know...
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    Chris Love's Official ASP.NET Blog : I Love Code Generation – Why <b>...</b>

    This is real code generated from a Code Smith template, which is in the screen shot above. I did not have to write one single character in this method by hand. Public Function Getinforeqs(ByVal vActive As Boolean) As List(Of ...
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    A Gentle Introduction to .NET Code Generation

    Products like Tier Builder, Code Smith , My Generation etc are based on the template approach. This is similar to XSLT. You pass metadata about the code that you want to generate through your templates and the various engines will ...
  • Blake Niemyjski

    Tips & Tricks: Debugging CodeSmith on Microsoft Windows 7

    For the most up-to-date version of this article please see the following documentation . We have updated the Tips & Tricks: Debugging CodeSmith with the changes needed to debug on Windows7. Here is the quick overview of what you need to-do to enable...
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    SharePoint productivity templates for CodeSmith

    For quite some time I have been busy with trying to increase my productivity while working on SharePoint solutions. In the last two years I helped design a couple of tools and developed a few of them myself: all that to simplify the most common tasks...
  • Reggie's Rants

    Just over a year of PLINQO

    About a year and a week ago I started work for CodeSmith Tools. Before I get into this, I'm a Mac person, so I never saw myself ending up in a .Net shop. Before I was getting ready for my interview I hadn't even looked at the language, only heard...
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