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    Modified CodeSmith MSSQL Store Procedure Template

    Recently I was working on one project where I needed to have store procedure that is bit different from those available in templates so i modified one existing to add my own implementation. I am more than happy if someone else find it useful for his work,though code formatting is bad still it is nice template to be in collection Here It is
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    Implementing Simple Cache For Codesmith And Nettiers Asp Net 2 0 ...

    Configuration Sources ... This way, the new project can be in ASP.Net, VB. ... I used CodeSmith Tools and . netTiers 2.2.0 to generate the code for my DB but ... www.alhamsyah.com/.../implementing+simple+cache+for+cod...
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    CodeSmith Tips & Tricks: Template Recursion

    Here is a simple CodeSmith template that shows how templates can be recursively called, have indentation levels and render to a single output: @ CodeTemplate Language ="C#" TargetLanguage ="C#" ClassName ="RecurseSampleTemplate" %> @ Property Name ="InRecurse" Type ="System.Boolean" %> // Sample header if ( this .InRecurse) { %> // Nested class } else { %> // Parent class RecurseSampleTemplate recurseSample = new RecurseSampleTemplate(); recurseSample...
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    Getting a Jump Start on mojoPortal Development with Codesmith

    Tutorial video about code generation for mojoPortal using Codesmith tools.
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    C# rocks!: Using codesmith with postgresql for NHibernate

    You could say that this post is a modification of ( http://www.codesmithtools.com/video/nhibernate.html ) when you don't have working visual studio integration and/or you want to use codesmith with Postgresql+NHibernate This is how to use Codesmith professional version 5.1 without visual studio with Postgresql to generate nhibernate templates. First download the Npgsql (version Npgsql2.0.2-bin-ms.net.zip ). Extract and copy the "Npgsql.dll" and Mono.Security.dll" files to GAC (c:\windows\assembly...
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    mojoPortal - Generating Code with CodeSmith

    If you have the mojoPortal source code, we have a number of Codesmtih templates for code generation that can be used to jump start your development. They are located in the CodesmithTemplates folder. You can still download the older freeware version of Codesmith 2.6 , though I highly recommend getting the newer version from http://www.codesmithtools.com/ , most of our templates do still work with the older freeware version. About the mojoPortal Codesmith Templates We've created a variety of Codesmith templates...
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    PLINQO at Chris McGrath's Blog

    I've been looking a PLINQO , it's quite interesting. I'm a huge fan of LINQ in general. PLINQO is like Linq to SQL, with improvements. The big ones for me are ones which make talking to the database more efficient. ...
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    Martin Olivares Asp.net, Ajax and NetTiers experiences: Efficient Nettiers Deepload - Filling object graphs in just one database call

    After using several ORM's I found that when need a complete object graph or some related entities (INNER/LEFT JOIN "like") they haven't an efficient approach built-in. Almost all ORM can lazy load related properties (collections or instances) that means additional db calls and specifically in Nettiers filling an object with n-childs implies (n+1) database calls with the related performance penalty. On this post, I want expose one alternative to populate an entire object graph in just one database...
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    Checking if a column is an identity field exception.

    This post is mostly a self reminder but it may come useful if you're using CodeSmith as well. It is possible to check if a (schema)column is an identity field via ExtendedProperties property of the SchemaObjectBase class: // Only for Sql Server private bool IsIdentityColumn(ColumnSchema column) { return (bool) column.ExtendedProperties[ "CS_IsIdentity" ].Value; }
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    Martin Olivares Asp.net, Ajax and NetTiers experiences: Telerik + Nettiers series

    This post starts a new serie of post to demostrate the combination of two cools asp.net tools: Telerik Suite & Nettiers This example shows the use of the more common features of Radgrid as paging, sorting, filtering and grouping with a Nettiers object datasource. Some helpfull notes: 1) The objectdatasource method used to retrieve the data is GetPaged . 2) The code in OnSelecting event of the object datasource set correct the parameters for the objectdatasource. 3) The EnableLinqExpressions of radgrid is...
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