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  • Exceptionless

    An Exceptionless NuGet Package Tour

    Giving back to the development community is important to us over here at Exceptionless. We love open source! As such, the Exceptionless NuGet assembly library, with 31 assemblies and over 176,000 package downloads, is ever growing and expanding right...
  • Exceptionless

    How to Add a Plugin to Affect Events in Exceptionless

    A plugin is a client-side addin that is run every time you submit an event. Plugins can be used to add or remove data from an event, or even allow you to cancel an event submission. Each client-specific implementation registers a plugin to provide client...
  • Exceptionless

    Sending Log Messages to Exceptionless

    We’re all about exceptions, but sometimes, as developers, we run into bugs that don’t throw them but still cause major havoc in the system. There are also times we just need to record an event with a custom message to help track down bottlenecks...
  • Exceptionless

    Logging Feature Usages with Exceptionless

    The ability to log feature usages is one of the many new… features… of Exceptionless 2.0. If you want to know when a button is being clicked, or what users are doing certain tasks, feature usage logging will help you track and visualize each...
  • Exceptionless

    IT’S GO TIME – Exceptionless 2.0 Launched!

    Today, after much development and weeks of live user testing and feedback, we have officially released Exceptionless 2.0 into the wild! Users will notice a completely new interface and experience numerous new features and improvements, highlighted below...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 2.0 Live Preview! Do You Want to Build a Sandbox?

    Oh boy! We’re ready for you guys to beat on Exceptionless 2.0 in a sandbox environment! We’ve made you wait, and everyone has done so quite patiently, but now it’s officially time to check out V2.0 for yourself. We’re super excited...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 2.0 Update – SO CLOSE!

    We know, we know… It’s been a while since our last update. As so often is the case, the holidays took their toll on work and waists here at Exceptionless over the past few months. However, we’re not slacking too bad. In fact, we’ve...
  • Exceptionless

    Bulk Actions Sneak Peak in Exceptionless 2.0 – Video

    You know you want it! Bulk edit actions, that is. The ability to select multiple exceptions or occurrences of a single exception and do with them as you please, all at once. Well, they’re coming, and today we’ve got a sneak peak! We’re...
  • Exceptionless

    Filter Your Exceptions in Version 2.0 – Video Demo

    If you’ve used Exceptionless, chances are a search or filter system would have helped you out more than once. We know, and we agree! That’s why we’ve made it a priority with Exceptionless 2.0, which is coming very soon. To expand on...
  • Exceptionless

    Exceptionless 2.0 User Interface FIRST LOOK

    We can prove it! Exceptionless 2.0 is real, and we’ve got evidence! We’ve been wanting to give everyone a sneak peak for a long time, and today we are excited to finally be able to. Watch the video above to see a high level overview of the...
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